Ocean Rodeo MAKO Jester 2021

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Lighter and stronger for 2021

We’ve tuned up the Jester to be even more reactive and fun. Built for riders of all sizes who crave a light and lively ride, or ideal for a smaller, lighter rider who will appreciate the thinned volume and outline.

During the 2018 Pro Tour season, the Jester was the weapon of choice for our pro riders in strapless freestyle. Its flatter rocker profile combined with a deep concave allowed our riders to get up and riding while others remained bogged down…

The Jester: efficient, quick and nimble, and 25% lighter for 2021!

Each Jester ships with a set of five Pulse composite fins allowing you to run your board as a 3-fin thruster or 4-fin quad.

Length: 155 cm by 46 cm (5’1” by 18”)
Volume: 17.6 Litres

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